Never Thought I’d Rec…

Ahh Bjork!

Me and Cole were in a thrift store in Dublin a couple days ago in the basement of Irie Cafe and they happened to be spinning what sounded like a strange blend of jazz fusion with foreign vocals.  First for a second I thought it was French but I hear enough French around my apartment that I realized it wasn’t French but sounded way more Sigur Ros’ish which led me to the conclusion that it was Icelandic –  Needless to say it was Bjork.  I never really listened to her music before but was totally digging GlingGló which was released in 1990.  I dig it when I’m studying because I don’t get distracted by the words -Give it a listen you’ll get over/enjoy the Icelandic vocals:

Bjork- Gling Glo

Bjork- Luktar-Gvendur


~ by djhoff on March 22, 2009.

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