New Kevin Rudolf ft. Kid Cudi


Now that “Let it Rock” is beat, Kevin Rudolf is back again & this time not with Weezy, but Cudi.  When I first listened to this track I had to check that I wasn’t playing Let it Rock since it sets out with almost identical beat and extremely similar echoed vocals – However…I let it kick in and gatta say was fairly impressed.  Rudolf comes through with another rock inspired chorus that will linger in your head and Cudi drops a dankkk verse that reminds you that he ‘s more than just the dude that sings “Day n Nite”.  I am now officially adding this to my list of predictions along with “Sugar” by Flo Rida as one of the songs that you’ll hate in two months once it’s slaughtered on the radio.  But for now, enjoy:

Kevin Rudolf ft. Kid Cudi- “Welcome to the World”


~ by djhoff on March 23, 2009.

One Response to “New Kevin Rudolf ft. Kid Cudi”

  1. My life is now complete.

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