Waaat!? Easier DL’s with Direct Links & Best Dance/Disco Track Ever to Celebrate

Finally got around to upgrading my mediafire account which means much easier and faster dl’ing for all you people.  Basically now all you have to do to dl a file is click on it, that’s it…I know some of you are thinking “but Hoff what if I am a completely ungrateful bootyhole and want to save it to a specific folder, what then Hoff!” Very simple, right click and hit Save As or for Mac users (sweet) click Download Linked File As.  Kapeesh?  Now to celebrate this cyber revolution I’m posting one of the greatest dance/disco/feel incredible songs i’ve heard in the past three decades, click away and bust out some funky fresh moves:

Phonat- Ghetto Burnin’ (Mojito Remix)


~ by djhoff on April 13, 2009.

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