The weather outside is weather


Chillin super hard with perfect weather everyday makes me a happy dude, so I’ll keep posting some musica so you can chill super hard tOO.  First, kewl reimagining of Kid Cudi’s “Day n Nite”, I think Chiddy Bang did the recent club banger justice.  The second track “Friday” will help you chill super hard with laidback drums and soothing vocals which are primarily about chillin super hard on Friday laying by the pool, reminiscing, cracking open a couple cold ones, hanging with friends, you get the idea.  Next is a nifty cover of the Beatles’ “Mrs.Love” by Disco Ruido.  Neat dainty upbeat female vocals for fans of Lykke Li, Feist, and the like.  Ohh and best for last. “Good Day” by Nappy Roots can literally make the day your pet died worthy of celebration.  Who said music wasn’t the best medicine for the soul?

Chiddy Bang- Day n Nite

The Seed- Friday

Disco Ruido- Mrs.Love

Nappy Roots- Good Day


~ by djhoff on April 23, 2009.

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