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Bibio- Take Off Your Shirt

Saturday, when the hair comes down
All the girls in town gonna dress the place
In blue-eyed green-eyed brown-eyed light
All the boys with desire of night
Gonna lose their feet gonna lose their mind
In drinking fighting sweat and lust
We play the game of weaving ducking dodging hiding
Through the hormonal battle on the streets
Then we reach our destination
It is consolation for star-people constellation
Sadness in rags won’t feel the pain
Of sadness in silks and golden chains
Take off your shirt
And give it to the one with fur coats and shiny shoes
On Sunday when the streets are bare
Reminders of the party there
Red devil horns dropped in the road
Tiaras made of plastic gold
A bloody puddle stains the floor
Outside the boarded nightclub door
And all the one night love is jaded
When all the memories have faded…


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Bumble Bee Slim

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“A guy will promise you the world and give you nothin’, and that’s the blues.”

Bumble Bee Slim- No Woman No Nickel

The Death Set

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You should have read the directions before showing up to the party

The Death Set- Can You See Straight?

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

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I’ve already done a post on this but goddamn I like this band.  

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour- The Sun Ain’t Shining No More

Blunt Instrument

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Been listening to Australian duo Blunt Instrument and these guys cook up some impressive mixes.  Glitchy and wobbly but not overdone.  If you like these tracks check out their bandcamp here.

Bob Marley- Get Up, Stand Up (Blunt Instrument Remix)

Toots & The Maytals- Funky Kingston (Blunt Instrument Remix)

The Beatnuts- Watch Out Now (Midtempo Glitch Mix)

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